"God, Are You Serious?"
A Quest From Hollow to Healed
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My title Kay Jemison's Memoir, "God Are You Serious?"

Kay Jemison was ambitious and talented. When she graduated from college, she moved to Los Angeles to start her career. What she never bargained for, though, was a string of bad relationships with unsavory characters marching through her life.


In this memoir, Kay shares snapshots of her bizarre encounters. All of them are completely true. Her best friend Khara betrayed her; Arthur landed in jail for murder; Darwin slipped into schizophrenia; Godfrey, who Kay felt was her soul mate, disappeared into thin air; Junior flew into jealous fits of rage and even put Kay’s puppy in the freezer to quiet the dog’s whimpering. Enemies were camouflaged as friends; friends lacked integrity.


Through these traumas, Kay held on. In dealing with her circumstances, Kay’s perseverance led to serious encounters with God. Her spiritual awakening included realizing that because she cared for people, she repeated mistakes and risked her life, despite danger signs. Still, God chose Kay and placed His hand on her life long before she even knew He existed.

At the heart of these stories you’ll find how one woman developed an essential relationship with God to break the cycle of poor choices.

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What Readers Are Saying:

"Thanks Kay for an awesome, awesome book. I read it from 11:40pm to 6:00am this morning. I could not put it down until I read the last word. I have never done that with any other book. Your book opened my eyes & made me a lot wiser. It has also put in me a determination to hold on to God becuz if I obey his word he is safeguarding me from a lot of needless pain. God bless you and know that the best is yet to come. Ahmmm, I will also be waiting for book 2 to drop real soon.
Hi-five to a superb writer!!!!!"
                              S. Mason
                                               Kingston, Jamaica

"This is incredible! It's such a great book for what's going on in today's society. People can learn so much from her experiences and what she's made out of it all."
                                R. Mundt
                                                   Santa Barbara, CA

"A gut wrenching revelation about life experiences."
                                    C. Stevens
                                      Castaic, CA

"Are you serious?!"
                                    M. Bromfield
                                    Lithonia, GA

"All I could do was cry."
                                   J. Everett
                                            LaMirada, CA

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