"God, Are You Serious?"
A Quest From Hollow to Healed
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About Kay Jemison and Biography

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica this talented young entrepreneur moved to Miami, Florida to pursue her dream of excelling in the Entertainment Industry. She was accepted into the New World School of the Arts out of thousands who auditioned and majored in Theater.

Graduating from Florida State University School of Motion Picture, Television, and Recording Arts with a Bachelor’s in Film, Kay ventured off to Hollywood to pursue a career in film making. Having a natural talent for story telling and a life filled with unbelievable experiences, Kay aspired to color empty pages with vivid images and lasting impressions, through moving pictures.

Writing came effortlessly for Kay and she wrote her first stage play at age 12. She had a natural gift of recreating dialogue and the ability to capture anyone’s thoughts and transform them into a written canvas. She also wore different hats, both in front of and behind the camera, demonstrating a flare and skill for the comedic and dramatic.

Friends and family eagerly waited for the sharing of whatever adventure Kay had undertaken. They often jokingly suggested that she write a book, because her stories were passionate and often outrageous. Kay decided to step into her purpose and deliver, “God, Are You Serious?” Kay’s primary goal, in choosing to be transparent in this book, is that it will inspire at least one woman to choose a different path or learn from Kay’s mistakes. This debut is definitely the first of many to come.

Kay Jemison's life exemplifies how God’s grace, gifts, and love prepared her to be used for His work and fulfill her purpose on Earth. Through writing and creating, Kay becomes a transparent vessel for those who seek the truth. She resides in Los Angeles.

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