"God, Are You Serious?"
A Quest From Hollow to Healed
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Kay Jemison's Writings


"God, Are You Serious?" is a comical and occasionally heartrending depiction of one woman's life journey, told in a collection of unbelievably true stories, filled with revelation and perseverance, and despite her roller coaster ride filled with betrayal, unhealthy relationships, and scandal, discovers self-love and God. 

From Florida to California obstacles and deviations cross her path but they're no match for this woman's determination to get "more" out of life.

If you're the type of reader that fights to put a good book down then put on your boxing gloves because this one's undefeated.

Book Excerpt:
This is not just a book for women, or a collection of stories about a woman’s experiences with men. It would be an injustice to read through these pages and not experience each story for the value that they possess whether male or female, young or old. I purposed not to guide anyone’s experience through this journey so that it could be personalized. There are some obvious “lessons” learned but it’s not my job to guide, only share and allow you the opportunity to draw your own conclusions. You will be entertained! I have found great joy in poking fun at my experiences at my expense, and I want you to know that my ability to share them with you today ultimately means that I am free and healed. I’m not here to gather a pity party or judge any person I speak of in the pages to follow. As a matter of fact, all names have been changed to protect the innocent, even the celebrities. I write in a very conversational tone, with the non-reader in mind, because I want you to actually hear me telling the stories and take the journey along with me through all the experiences.
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